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Advertising Opportunities

REACH MOMS! offers a unique and proprietary way for your brand to reach the Mom demographic in a way that Moms want to be reached!

Support The Mom Movement while you take advantage of this cost-effective opportunity for your brand to engage with Moms through a personal video endorsement from a trusted source of information – another Mom. 

Advertising is limited to a select group of brands whose products and/or services are compatible with the spirit of our mission.  Brands that encourage and support the personal goals of Moms will discover that their loyalty is returned.     

Think About It offers an ongoing source of intellectual analysis of the media moments that will have a greater impact on Moms and their families.  All articles are posted on the website and made available through RSS feed.  After two weeks, the articles are archived and remain available in the appropriate division on the left menu. 

Sponsorship Opportunities include:

New articles about media topics on a weekly basis

  • Logo presence attached to article
  • Remains attached to the article when archived

Special offers to our readers

  • Logo presence attached to offer
  • Remains attached to the offer when archived

Do Something About It provides a series of instructions that will enable Moms to create their own digital media content on topics that are important to them. 

Sponsorship Opportunities include:

Exclusive presentation of topic

  • Logo presence on landing page
  • Video endorsement of your brand from a trusted source
  • Presentation of corporate profile including information Moms want to know:
  • Corporate philosophy
  • Corporate footprint
      • Headquarters location with contact information
      • Branch locations with contact information
  • Percentage of women in executive capacity
  • Percentage of women in overall employment
  • Maternity leave program
  • Scholarship programs
  • Charitable donations and Philanthropy
  • Green campaign
  • Products and/or services offered by your brand

Purchase opportunities for support products and/or services attached to select areas of the instructional material 

Are You Ready for the Challenge? The green box at the upper right hand corner of our landing page is available to advertisers that want to reach out to Moms for consumer generated content to support their brand. 

Sponsorship Opportunities include:

  • Create a commercial message for your brand
  • Explain a new way of using your brand
  • Show how your brand has made their life better

Polls and Surveys

The Mailing List is designed to encourage Moms to register for special offers through email. 

Coming soon – Special offers from your brand to our readers can be delivered via personal email from a trusted source – another Mom. 

The Booster Club

Products and/or services that support editorial content

  • Your logo is present beneath left-side of the subject menu
  • Written endorsement from a trusted source of information – another Mom
  • Description of how the product or service enables to operate


All sponsors and boosters are allowed to link to 

For more information contact: Catherine Clinch


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